God surrounded by Chihuahua angels Poster

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Chihuahua is a very suitable dog for companionship. Courageous, extremely lively, proud and bold, they are always expressive and also require the care of their owners. Their movements are graceful and agile to avoid being stepped on. They are quite agile, intelligent, and have a well-developed hearing. Chihuahuas are strong-willed dogs, especially loyal and very attached to their owners. , maybe even jealous.

God surrounded by Chihuahua angels Poster3
God surrounded by Chihuahua angels Poster3

They especially like to lick their owners’ faces. Always be wary of strangers. In the presence of strangers, they always follow the owner every step of the way, trying to get as close to the owner as possible. Some individuals can be a bit difficult to teach, but overall this is an intelligent dog, learns quite quickly, responds well to gentle exercises.

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