God surrounded by Rottweiler angels Poster

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According to the FCI Rottweiler standard, the purebred breed (size [4] medium-large) has a height (up to the highest point between the shoulder blades – also known as the withers) from 61 – 69 cm (24 – 27 inches) ) with males, from 56–63 cm (22 – 25 inches) with females. They weigh from 50 kg to 60 kg (110 and 132 lbs) with adult males, and from 35 kg to 48 kg (77 and 105 lbs) with adult females. Weight should be proportional to height. The length of the body, from the sternum to the humerus, does not exceed the height at the shoulder, 15% at most.
God surrounded by Rottweiler angels Poster3
God surrounded by Rottweiler angels Poster3
Its head is spherical in shape, the distance between the ears is large, and the snout is wide. The eyes are very flexible dark brown, with yellow spots on the cheekbones above the eyes, snout, four legs. Their heads are big and heavy. The forehead is round, the neck is of medium length, very muscular, slightly arched, no loose skin under the neck. The jaw is very developed and very strong, plus the teeth are strong and sharp, the upper and lower jaws are wide and strong, the complete set of teeth includes 42 teeth, scissor surface, upper front teeth overlap the lower jaw.

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