God surrounded by Shih Tzu angel Poster

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Shih Tzu is a gentle, affectionate and very close dog breed, but it is quite difficult to get close to strangers due to being a bit shy. This breed is quite mischievous when at home alone, they like to run around and bite soft things. Shih Tzu is a rather special breed of dog, their personality is quite friendly, hyperactive, and intelligent, but sometimes they also appear stubborn and stubborn, requiring training methods. properly, gently and patiently.
God surrounded by Shih Tzu angel Poster3
God surrounded by Shih Tzu angel Poster3
Shih Tzu are very adaptable to life in cramped apartments, they do not need to exercise or play too much, just a few rubber toys and your caresses can make them happy all day. . However, it is still necessary to let them go out to run and jump at least 3 times a week to “relieve stress” and relieve excess energy. This pet dog is also highly alert, they are quite friendly. with strangers and good with other pets but also very watchful. However, it should be noted that the capricious nature of this dog will not be suitable for children.

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