Jesus with Belgian Malinois poster

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The Malinois variety was said to be the first variety to breed true to type and they initially became so well-known in Belgium that at one time the other variety were jointly called “other-than-Malinois”, it was the Malinois that the other varieties were gauged against. The variety takes its name from the Malines region, where it was the predominant coat type used by the local shepherds.
Jesus with Belgian Malinois poster3
Jesus with Belgian Malinois poster3
The Laekenois variety has always been the rarest; they take their name from the Château de Laeken, a residence of the Belgian royal family. The Laekenois was a favorite of Queen Marie Henriette, who frequently watched them in the service of the shepherds who grazed the royal domains around the château; this patronage contributes to their popularity at the time. In addition to being used as herding dogs, rough-haired Belgian Shepherds were greatly used as guard dogs in the surrounding regions Boom, guarding valuable linens put out to bleach in the sun.

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