Jesus with Pitbull poster

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Pit bull is a medium and small dog breed, they are from 45 to 55 cm tall, weigh from 18 to 22 kg and have more muscular strength than any other breed. In general, the Pit Bull has a rather fierce appearance, they have a solid skeleton, strong muscles, muscular front shoulders, especially fierce bloodshot eyes under a large forehead, this breed is known. with a muscular appearance and especially impresses with its fierce, pitiful appearance. The muscular appearance and fighting make the Pitbull prone to aversion, so many rumors about the Pit bull breed are partly because of the fierce appearance of this dog. In Vietnam, many people in Hanoi also like to raise this type of dog despite the danger because it looks so fierce that it can suppress and threaten others because they look fierce, rushing away like they want to jump jump and tear anything with your teeth.

Jesus with Pitbull poster3
Jesus with Pitbull poster3

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