Texas Proud Bluebonnet Hawaiian Shirt



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Admit it, your summer vacation just can’t get any better without the Hawaiian shirts. Or even if you don’t like spending time at the beach, the colorful patterns can make you feel upbeat and stylish on any occasion.

Specially designed for all Lone Star State hearts out there, this Texas Hawaiian shirt has the best pattern combination, from vivid flowers to striking texts.

If you are familiar with the state’s flag, you will easily recognize the main palettes featured on this stunning Texas Hawaiian shirt are its three classic colors: white, red, and blue. Talking about the Texas flag, a huge one is put on the upper part of the back as well as in small maps floating all over the shirt. You can also see lots of flowers and leaves, in which there are the bluebonnets – the state flower of Texas. On the two cuffs of this shirt, the line “Don’t Mess With Texas” is clearly stated.

Every color, text, flower combined makes a gorgeous Texas Hawaiian shirt that is tailored to anyone coming from the place. If you are interested, don’t miss the sizes from small to plus sizes available with the design.