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Product Information

  • You should wear necklace regularly.
  •  If not in use, product should be stored in a zip bag with 1 sheet of tissue to absorb moisture (should be cleaned and dried before storing the necklace) to avoid the impact of air, dust, and sunlight, avoid the product to dull quickly. Store each jewelry in a separate zip bag to prevent the products from rubbing against each other and causing scratches.
  •  Lighten the necklace by boiling it in alum solution (alum) on low heat and cleaning with a brush (in case the product is oxidized).
  • Do not expose the product to direct contact with substances such as alcohol, lemon, acetone, acid … or chemicals in cosmetics, perfumes, sprays, … because these substances can damage. products that are difficult to handle. So when you wear makeup, you should wear jewelry after you have completed the makeup steps so that silver jewelry is less exposed to chemicals as possible.
  • When taking a hot bath, swimming pool or beach, you should take note of silver jewelry, because in swimming pools or going to the beach, there is hydrosulfide (also known as chemical acids) or when playing sports, Sulfur in the sweat glands also quickly darkens the silver afterward.
  • The properties of silver are also very soft, so when you go to bed or play sports, you should take off your jewelry to avoid breaking, and the product will last longer.
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